Your Impact is Infinite

Your Impact is Infinite

Engaging Your Creative Power | Record Time. Ep. 132

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Our relationship to Impact
  • A new way to think about Impact
  • Engaging our Creative Power with Responsibility (#spiderman)

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time the Keepers of the Akashic Records get a little mysterious on us. They share:

Your impact is infinite and inherently mysterious.

Often, when we hear the word “impact”, we might think of the positive effect that something or someone may have on the world around them. Impact can become this big ideal that’s intertwined with the vision of our service, that feels like something far away to aspire to. It almost feels like it lives in the future, instead of the present.

Perhaps we ask “How am I going to make an impact? How is my work going to be of service? What will my legacy be?”

These questions orient impact into the future. But the Records invite us to relate to impact as something that is constantly unfolding in the present. Instead of thinking about impact as the effect of an isolated action, or a single act of service – what if we were connected to impact in every moment?

What if we recognized our inherent interconnectedness? And if we are an inextricable part of a whole (a whole family, society, world, universe), then the way we show up in every moment always has an impact. 

From this perspective, everything we do and say, and everything we don’t do and don’t say, the very way that we be, has an impact on everything we are connected to. 

When you speak nicely to someone, it has an impact on them, no matter how small. When you speak aggressively to someone, it has an impact, no matter how small. 

When you don’t call your mom for a long time – she very well might let you know the impact that that has on her. (An example of how what you don’t say and don’t do can affect others just as deeply as what you do decide to say and do!)

The way you be in every moment has impact that is infinite and inherently mysterious.

We can never know what kind of impact a small thing we say or do will have. We can never know how far one gesture of kindness will stretch – we also don’t know how far one act of harm will go. 

Our capacity for impact is infinite and always happening, whether we’re aware of it or not. But if we recognize our inherent interconnectedness to each other and the world, we are presented with the opportunity to engage with our inevitable impact with more creativity, intentionality, and responsibility. 

If you choose to relate to impact as something that is constantly flowing out of you, then you get to decide how you engage with the infinite impact you are constantly creating.

This can be an incredibly empowering way to view how you move through the world. And of course, if we’ve ever seen a Spiderman movie, we know that with great power comes great responsibility. 

If this perspective piques your interest, you can watch the full Akashic Transmission on Impact in the video below!

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