Your Essence is Not Hiding From You

Your Essence is Not Hiding From You

How to Connect to Your Radiant Self | Record Time Episode 104

In this message from the Akashic Records, the keepers of the records offer us this idea:

Your essence is not hiding from you, though it may feel like it’s hidden.

When they say “essence”, they’re referring to your truest, most radiant self. The connection and experience of your deep self, your clarity, your radiance – who you are at your core.

They are offering that that essence which we are seeking (perhaps as “spiritual seekers” and just as human beings) is not hiding from us, though it may feel like it’s hidden.

What comes up for you when you read that? Does that feel true? Or is there resistance? Notice whatever is there. 

If there’s resistance, do you feel like that can’t be true because you’ve been seeking so diligently, you’ve been trying so hard, you’ve been doing everything “right” in order to forge that deeper connection to your self – and yet it’s still not working? 

Maybe we don’t want it to be so simple, when we’ve already spent so much time trying so hard to find what we’ve been looking for. 

But are you willing to let go of that need for over-complicating, difficulty, and striving? Are you willing to let it be simple?

If so, dive in to the video below!

Dive Deeper

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your own radiance, check out this Free Guided Visualization channeled from the Akashic Records! It’s all about connecting to your radiant heart!

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