You are an Instrument of Delicate Sensitivity

You are an Instrument of Delicate Sensitivity

Cultivating Intuition through Somatic Awareness | Record Time Ep. 118

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records remind us:

The opportunity to be an instrument of delicate sensitivity is available to you.

I know the word “sensitivity” is used in many different ways, but in this context I’m talking about literal physical sensations. The way your ears are sensitive to sound, and your skin is sensitive to touch. The way your physical system is sensitive to external stimuli in general, and is always responding to it.

With that idea of sensitivity in mind, we can ask ourselves “Am I aware of my sensitivity?”

When you engage with external stimuli (people, places, tasks), are you aware of how your physical system is responding? Are you connected to the information that your body, your instrument of sensitivity, is offering you when you engage with the external world?

When you’re working on a difficult task, are you aware of the state your body is in? Maybe your back is tense and your breath is shallow. When you interact with certain people, what feedback (in the form of sensation) is your body offering you? Do you feel like you’re buzzing? Or soft and settled? Or stiff and rigid?

Taking time to notice the information that your body is readily offering you, I believe is a worthwhile exercise. Your physical system is a delicate instrument of sensitivity, and whether you are aware of it or not it is always offering you feedback in the form of sensory information. I feel like this information is the deepest and most fundamental part of our intuitive awareness. 

If you’re someone who desires to connect more deeply with your intuition, practicing witnessing this physical, somatic feedback is a powerful way to begin (or deepen) working with your intuition.

We dive into this more deeply in the video below!

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