You Are a Magical Intelligence

You Are a Magical Intelligence

Remember the Magic That You Are | Record Time Ep. 110

The Records share that we, as human beings, don’t just have access to the Akashic Records in different ways, but we actually are a part of the Akashic Records, personified.

Can you entertain that thought for a moment? 

That you are a piece of the Akashic Records come to life.

If you could relate to yourself in that way, right now, what would that be like?

If you knew that no matter what you are or are not doing, whatever you are feeling, whatever kind of thoughts are in your head right now – if you knew that exactly as you are right now, you are a magical intelligence – how would that be? What would that feel like to you? How would it shift your experience?

The energy coming through the Akashic Records is potent in this one – tune into the video below to soak in all the Akashic goodness!

Dive Deeper

If you want to dive deeper into your own magic, check out these free akashic resources!

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