When you fear “Oh no! Are they mad at me?!”

When you fear “Oh no! Are they mad at me?!”

Have you ever had the uncomfortable experience of feeling like someone might be mad at you? Perhaps you’ve even asked them point-blank “are you mad at me?….are you sure you’re not mad at me??”  Or maybe you’ve spent hours anxiously trying to figure out what you might have done and whether or not they are actually mad at you. 

If you can relate to this experience at all, this week’s Record Time is for you!

The Keepers of the Records dive into this topic and offer us a way to unhook from the anxiety and panic that situation often holds, and instead take a gentle, curious look at what’s really going on under the surface. It’s a very simple and practical method that can help create more clarity and spaciousness in those uncomfortable moments of uncertainty.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the magic of the Akashic Records, schedule a free inquiry call to learn how an Akashic Record Reading can support you in your journey of self discovery!

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