When the Chaos (and Triggers) Are Real, Remember This!

When the Chaos (and Triggers) Are Real, Remember This!

This week on Record Time, we discuss what to do when the chaos is real. In my experience, I’ve encountered seasons of life where it seems that emotional triggers and problems are coming at me non-stop, and I’m feeling very emotionally activated. When those seasons of chaos are upon us, it can be very easy to get caught up in “putting out fires” and just launch into problem solving mode trying to fix everything that’s happening all around you. 

In those moments, the Keepers of the Records offer us an invitation to remember to tend to the inner world. They invite us to tend to the spaces where those triggers have landed within us, instead of getting lost in fixing or resolving only the external trigger itself. 

For me, this was a really sweet and much needed reminder from the Akashic Records. I hope it can serve as a gentle reminder for you too in challenging seasons.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into tending to your inner world (my favorite thing to help people do!), you can explore my 1:1 akashic offerings here.

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