What to Remember When Relationships Challenge Us

What to Remember When Relationships Challenge Us

Projecting, Expectations, and Unsolicited Advice in Relationships | Record Time Ep. 21

If you’ve ever felt like the people closest to you are also the ones who annoy you the most, this message is for you!

Sometimes our dearest relationships are the ones that challenge us the most. Sometimes we want to “fix” people and just tell them what it is that bothers us about them so they can change! Sometimes we even think illuminating their flaws is doing a service to them. If they know what they’re doing wrong, they can change for the better right? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Today on Record Time the MTLOs discuss what to do when relationships challenge us and when we feel called to offer unsolicited advice to our loved ones. They offer some insight on what we can come back to in these moments of frustration, as well as practical tips on how to cope with the tension within the relationship.

Tune in to the video below if this calls to you! And if you enjoyed this message, I would love for you to share it with someone else who might enjoy it too!

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