Unlinking Suffering and Self Worth

Unlinking Suffering and Self Worth

Examining Hard Work & Personal Value | Record Time Ep. 31

Do you ever feel like you haven’t suffered enough to experience value?

Like you haven’t worked hard enough to deserve something (that much money, recognition, praise, etc)?

Or that you haven’t suffered enough to have anything valuable to offer the world – as though your value as a person comes from your difficult life experiences or how hard you’ve worked?

If you tend to tangle self worth and suffering, this video is for you! Tune in to receive Akashic perspective on separating suffering and self worth.

Update: A couple of years after I made this video, I came to learn that this idea that suffering must precede an experience of value is a result of capitalism. Western culture is operating on this idea that you must earn your pleasure, and that your worth comes from how much you do and not who you are. While this idea is extremely prevalent both explicitly and implicitly in our culture – we, as individuals, can take steps to free ourselves from this deep conditioning. If you’re curious about internalized capitalism and how we can experience more personal freedom within our self and our spirit, check out my offerings.

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If you’re ready to dive deeper into your personal growth journey, check out these free Akashic resources:

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