Understanding the Source of Your Motivation

Understanding the Source of Your Motivation

Cultivating Intuition Practically | Record Time Ep. 131

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Understanding the source of your motivation
  • How motivation and intuition are connected
  • How to start cultivating your intuition practically

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time the Keepers of the Akashic Records build off of last week’s discussion of Self Worth & Overcoming Difficulty. They offer us a simple question to help us get closer to the source of our motivation. When you’re doing something difficult, or something that feels like it’s an “edge” for you, ask yourself: Why am I doing this?

This question isn’t meant to stop you from doing what you’re doing, or to change your actions. It’s an innocent inquiry, and a chance to pause and get curious about what compels you to do the things you do. 

It can be helpful to understand why you do what you do, especially difficult things, because it allows you to exercise more freedom in your decision making. When you are aware of what motivates you, you experience greater control, agency, and freedom in your own life. Your conditioning or habits aren’t just motivating your decisions automatically – you’re not on autopilot when you’re aware of the source of your motivation. With awareness around your motivation, it’s not an unconscious habit that’s driving you to do something, it’s you!

This simple inquiry can help us cultivate deeper awareness, but it can do more than that too. 

People often ask me how to tell the difference between mind and intuition. How do you know it’s really your intuition talking? How do you discern between the two?

This practice is a beautiful training ground and starting point into cultivating that sacred discernment. By increasing your awareness of why you do what you do, you are naturally, at a subtle level, cultivating this intuitive discernment. 

Before you even start to worry about whether it’s your mind or your intuition talking to you – simply get curious about why you do what you do. Can you tell when you’re doing something because YOU want to do it vs. when you’re doing something out of habit or conditioning? Because motivation itself is a form of intuition vs. mind at play. And learning to be more connected to and aware of the source of your motivation, is extremely similar to learning to discern between mind and intuition. 

You can watch the full Akashic Transmission on motivation and intuition below. And if you do take a moment to sit with this inquiry, I’d love to know how it lands for you! If you feel called to share, you’re welcome to comment on the video or send me a message! I’d love to hear from you.

And if you know someone who’s curious about cultivating their intuition, please share this with them and spread the goodness!

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