The Purpose of Inner Work

The Purpose of Inner Work

Why Bother With Personal Growth? | Record Time Ep. 129

There are times where I’ve been in a deep process of inner work and I’ve stopped and wondered “Why am I even doing this? What’s the point of all this inner work anyway?” And the Keepers of the Akashic Records encourage us to ask this question, not just at the beginning of a process, but throughout the process! It’s great to check in with this question, whether it’s around personal growth, work, projects, relationships, or other habits. Asking this question helps keep us connected to our intentions and honors our time and energy. 

In this week’s episode the Keepers of the Records dive into this question – offering a perspective on why this type of inner work is valuable – and what the goal of it might be. It may not resonate with you – when I was first offered this perspective a few years ago, I thought it was kind of stupid. I didn’t like how simple it was, and it didn’t make sense to me – but over time, through doing the work, I found that it felt more and more resonant to me. Now I’m comforted by the simplicity of this perspective.

It might be tempting to think that the point of inner work is to become something – to transform into a better or best version of your self. And I think that’s a valid perspective. However, the Records offer us a different perspective in this episode. 

They share: The point of this work is to return to who you’ve always been. To come back to who you already are. 

That might seem like the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do with this type of work. Maybe you’re trying to do some inner work to change parts of yourself that you’d prefer not to have. It makes so much sense to think the point of this work is to leave your old self behind and become a new, better, brighter version of your self. Why would you want to be who you already are? Who I am right now could be so much better, right? 

But the depth and poetry underneath this perspective is powerful. In returning to who you’ve always been – you are transforming. You are being your best self. It’s not a return to the conditioning or the patterns or the habits you’ve learned along the way – it’s a return to your deepest essence. Your most radiant self – the part that has been with you all along – the part that’s with you right now. The truest version of your self is already here. You already are the truest version of yourself – it’s possible that you just don’t feel connected to that self, or that self feels clouded or covered by layers of who you think you should be. We can feel the impulse to change and grow when who we think we should be is covering up who we truly are. 

The purpose of this work isn’t to get somewhere else, or become someone totally different. The perspective the Keepers are offering is that The destination is the origin. And all of the work we do is merely a process of returning to our selves. Re – source – ing. Coming back to the source of it all. Coming back to who we’ve always been, returning to who we already are, and being from that place within ourselves.

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