The Gift of Deep Acceptance

The Gift of Deep Acceptance

The Holidays Are Not A Test | Record Time Ep. 141

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Accepting the fullness of our humanity
  • Difficult moments as “tests” from the Universe
  • Temptations of proving yourself in “personal growth”

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I’m imagining that many of you, like me, are fully immersed in the holidays and all they bring! If you happen to find this time of year challenging for any reason, this week’s episode of Record Time is for you. We’ve been talking about the holidays and how to cope with the stress in the last couple of weeks, and this week the Keepers of the Akashic Records offer us one last reminder as we fully enter into the end of the year festivities. 

They ask: Can you offer yourself the gift of deep acceptance?

If you’re excited about or into personal growth, then this time of the year might be full of mixed feelings for you. I know this time of year can be tender and full of stress and triggering encounters (and if this is not the case for you, I’m so glad!), and if we are dedicated to personal growth on top of that, it can be very tempting to view the extra stress of this season as a test to see how far we’ve come on our “personal growth journey.”

The perspective the Records are offering us diverts from this idea completely. 

What if this season, with its extra stress, was not a test?

What if you gave yourself deep permission to be as you are, in all of your glorious humanity and imperfection?

What if you allowed yourself to relax instead of strive to be a “good conscious person” who responds perfectly to every mishap?

What would your holiday season be like, if you knew you had nothing to prove?

This is the invitation for contemplation this week from the Akashic Records – to let yourself be a regular and imperfect person, instead a perfectly regulated and calm being that has mastered personal development.

It is SO tempting for personal growth enthusiasts (like me) to view this time of year like the Personal Growth Olympics – where you’ve been training all year to become a better person and NOW is the big test to prove to your whole family how great you are and how much you’ve changed. I am SO guilty of this, and it makes me laugh to think about how excited I can get at the idea of getting to show off how much I’ve grown by staying calm when things get hectic. It’s like the perfect competition that only takes place inside my head. It’s so easy to get swept up in trying to behave perfectly and respond consciously and stay calm and centered, especially when we’re around the same people that might have inspired this whole personal growth journey to begin with. 

It’s so tempting to prove to ourselves and to them (whoever they might be), that they don’t bother us anymore. That they can’t trigger us anymore. That we have healed and grown and moved on from the pain of the past. 

And if that’s true, that is wonderful!

And if that’s true, AND we are still humans who get triggered or are imperfect, that is perfectly wonderful too. 

It’s okay if spending time with family during the holidays illuminates some parts of yourself that  are hard to accept. It’s okay if you don’t handle everything perfectly. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t done beautiful work and that you haven’t grown or deepened your connection to yourself. 

This is not a test. It might just be a tender or charged time of the year. You don’t have to prove anything, or worry about “passing” or “failing”. You can just choose to give yourself permission to be who you are right now, even if that’s not a perfectly “conscious/enlightened/healed/awake/spiritual” person. 

The Records want to remind us: It’s okay to be who you are right now.

I’d love to know how this lands for you. Do you tend to think of this time of the year as a test? What would it be like if you released that idea, even for a moment? I know it’s a busy time, but if you’d like to share your thoughts you are welcome to comment on the video below. And if you know anyone who might benefit from this message of permission and acceptance, please share it with them and spread the goodness.

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