The Benefits of Self Awareness

The Benefits of Self Awareness

How to Increase Self-Awareness | Record Time Ep. 16

In today’s episode of Record Time we explore the question: why is it important to know ourselves?

It feels like that fundamental question: “Who am I?” Is at the root of spiritual seeking, but why is that question even worth exploring?

And how do we get to know ourselves? How do we actually develop self-awareness, and a close connection to our deep self?

The MTLOs (Keepers of the Akashic Records) illuminate the importance of self knowledge as well as practical advice on how to attain it!

If this calls to you, this video is for you!

Dive Deeper

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your own awareness, you’re invited to join the next Free Meditation Class! It’s a great place if you’re curious about starting a personal practice, or deepening an existing practice of meditation or self reflection.

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