Meena Ruchi Magic


“My experience with Meena was phenomenal! 

Before my reading with Meena and the Records, I was feeling overwhelmed by all the possible directions I could go with my company. I knew my overarching vision and mission – but lacked clarity and focus, and felt a mix of doubt and pressure surrounding the work I want to do in the world.

Through my reading, I learned how to connect and collaborate with my business, and what intentions my business has for our work. 

I not only gained clarity on my questions, but more importantly I got to know the supportive, sweet, powerful and patient “personality” of my business. I now know that my business has my back! And that has been a game changer for my morale and mindset.

Meena is gentle, thoughtful, articulate, attentive, and a crystal clear channel for the Records – truly gifted at what she does.

I’ve watched and re-watched the recording of our conversation – and I cry every time; It is just so insightful, beautiful and uplifting.

I look forward to regularly connecting with Meena when I could benefit from a wise and loving perspective in my life and business.”


“I’m so grateful for Meena’s open-heart and unconditionally loving presence. When I was moving through a huge transition and felt really lost, she gave me an Akashic reading that shed so much light onto my life and how I was making decisions. Through her kind support, I got to embrace my power and step more fully into my role as a Leader – because I was able to adjust my own perspective about what was going on all around me.

I highly recommend reading with Meena. Whether you’re in a transition with work, or looking for more meaning and understanding in your life, Meena’s channel is clear, sweet, and such a sacred space to find your truth!

Thank you, Meena, for being such a positive influence on my personal process, and offering me your gift.”


My Akashic record reading with Meena is the gift that keeps on giving. During the reading, we explored my sense of purpose and my unique gifts that I contribute to the world and that energize and fuel me. By the end, I honestly felt like I was a superhero and the powerful lessons from the reading have had a lasting effect. When self-doubt starts creeping in, I remind myself of my gifts and talents which makes me feel confident and empowered to be who I am and do what I am meant to do. I truly believe that everyone would benefit greatly from an Akachic record reading with Meena! ”


“My reading with Meena was a deeply healing and validating experience. She held me in a beautiful way, with a kindness and generosity that I’ve rarely experienced. Even when she was sharing information about some painful challenges I’ve been experiencing in my life, Meena brought a deep wisdom and gentle patience to the space that made me feel safe. Meena carries a real connection to a deeper truth, her way of sharing the Akashic records is both gentle and profound. I felt truly validated and seen, like she tapped into the deepest essence of my soul. She illuminated some underlying themes in my life and connected the dots with how they’ve been playing out across many areas in a way that really blew me away. 

My reading with Meena completely shifted my mood. I entered feeling contracted and small, but after Meena shared her wisdom I was completely reassured and encouraged that I was on the right path. It was a delight to be witnessed by her. I would recommend her work to anyone seeking reassurance and guidance, there are few who can hold as a deep a wisdom with as much kindness as Meena! ”


“I’ve had a couple of akashic readings and I can’t say enough about them. They are different. I have gone to psychics as well and like psychics, the readings can also reveal understanding about your current life or past life or your past current life, but for me, what’s different with an akashic reading is that I actually felt that I was getting the information/knowledge in my body. Sometimes it felt like healing and also there was knowledge imparted that made sense of things. Then I noticed I was quite different in my life after the reading, with no effort. It was very unique.

Meena is a really safe space.

It’s incredibly uplifting, and calming and peaceful.

I highly recommend it on your journey.”


“Meena was bright and present during our time together. The information she shared with me was extremely validating and I could feel the truth of my purpose and my own personal instructions rooting deeper, stabilizing me. I’m super grateful.”


“My Akashic Record reading with Meena was really incredible. I am so thankful I have had two opportunities to meet with her. Both of the readings I have received from her have shifted my life in many amazing ways. I received answers to questions I had always wondered about and it gave me so much peace. Her wisdom is very prevalent when listening to what she is given from the records. There is something very special about the readings because it finally helps put pieces together in your life. When you receive answers from her, you can truly feel it in your soul. It is something you have always known deep within yet Meena gives it the chance to come to light in the right ways. Meena has a special way of tapping into the records. Everything she bestowed on me resonated in many ways. It is so fulfilling to receive a reading from her. I would do it all the time if I could! Meena gives a thoughtful, loving, peaceful, transmission from the records for your soul. I am forever thankful to have aligned with her on my journey in life. It truly has changed so many aspects of my life for the better.


“My first experience with Akashic Records Reading was with Meena, and I loved it so much!

After almost a year of unsuccessfully getting my business off the ground, I came to Meena with questions about whether I’m on the right path, if I should continue pushing forward or let it go & redirect my attention, and personally about whether a move I want to make is the right decision for my family.

Meena was phenomenal. She has such a calming energy. I even said during our session that it felt like a deep cleansing breath.

The reading I received was so encouraging to me. At the end, I was inspired, energized, and excited about the ideas that had started flowing for my business. I felt validated & encouraged in all the dreams, goals, and visions that I have for my life & business.”


“When Meena first opened my akashic channel, she described an image and an interpretation of it that had to do with what was most relevant and alive for me at the moment. Without asking her anything specifically, she went on to describe a core part of my essence as if she was closely energetically with me, and could understand me from my point of view.

She naturally guided me back to trusting myself, my natural abilities, and reassured me how to live from a place of embodiment vs a mental place of trying to prove anything. She spoke on other areas of life that I had been focusing on, without me telling her before hand. I could feel that together, we were reshaping my future in an energetic way, where her words were like spells, molding and shaping my energy field back to coherence. This is the second experience I’ve had with Meena where I felt so seen, held, and supported in embracing my true self. Her ability to communicate from the energy of the akasha is almost song-like in the way with her words, but also grounded and rooted in integrity. I’ll be keeping her transmission in a special place in my heart!”


“I really, really enjoyed my Akashic Records Reading with Meena! Firstly, she is the sweetest person. She really loves what she does and she’s amazing at it. You can literally see the joy in her face once she connects to the Records and conveys the messages.

I loved how the responses from the Records were so relevant and inspirational. This made me feel so special and purposeful. Also, Meena allowed for me to ask as many questions as I needed, which was very assuring. Often, the response to one question posed was the answer to another question that I had. It was amazing to see how intricately matters that I was curious about were so inter-connected.

It’s not a coincidence that I googled  ‘Akashic Records ‘ and found a video of Meena doing an Akashic Records session. Everything happens as it’s divinely meant to and it was during my session with Meena that I began to embody my earthly mission and purpose.

May the Universe continue to bless and keep Meena.”


“I did an Akashic Record Reading with Meena. She is welcoming, kind and gentle in her demeanor and provides information that is accurate and helpful. She really pointed out, without judgment and with kindness, what I need to work on. When it started I felt a heaviness in all my limbs and especially my chest. As it ended, all heaviness lifted and I felt light, refreshed and clear. I feel that this energy stayed with me through the week and more.”


“I highly recommend Meena and her work as an Akashic Records reader and meditation teacher. Meena is kind, patient, and nonjudgmental. Her gentle, clear voice is perfect for the meditations and magic musings she recorded for me following the sessions I had with her. She lives what she teaches. She’s a fountain of peace, relaxed in body and mind, and has shown me what’s possible.

During our time working together, I finally returned to my daily meditation practice and have been sticking with it ever since. Thankfully, I no longer meditate with a rushed, chomping-at-the-bit state of mind. I even enjoy brief periods of either no thoughts or thoughts on the edge of my consciousness that don’t pull me in.

From Meena’s sacred and precious readings, I gained a mountain of helpful information and insights. For example, I found resolution with longstanding painful issues related to my family of origin. I also learned I’d fulfilled all of my soul contracts for this lifetime; my self-imposed burden of unrealistic expectations towards certain family members has been lifted.

I’m also back to journaling daily, but not only by myself. My intention is always to communicate with my Inner Wisdom. The more connected we are, the more guidance I receive.

Meena has been a blessing to me, and working with her has enriched my life. I plan to schedule more sessions with her. Her fabulous yet free monthly meditation classes support me until I do.”


“I was really not sure what to expect during the reading, but Meena’s kind presence made me feel much more comfortable. It was a lovely experience. What came through in the reading was supportive and validating. It also helped me have a slightly different, yet very helpful, perspective on things that have been going on with me – things that Meena did not know when she started the reading. Working with Meena was an absolute pleasure, and I highly recommend her services.”


“Thank you so much for your reading of my business.

Meena was very gentle, positive, and enthusiastic which helped to create a safe place for me.  I loved connecting with the spirit of my business and what makes it so unique.  I definitely plan on tuning in to those unique qualities as I continue to grow my product offerings and market my business!

The reading provided some helpful new directions for me to focus my efforts in the coming months.”  


“Meena Ruchi is supremely gifted and truly magical in every sense of the word, as her name so eloquently states.  I consider it a blessing to have experienced several Akashic sessions with Meena over the last couple of years and cannot express how profound and life changing these have been in navigating challenges along my path and in assisting my personal journey and spiritual evolution. Her love, compassion and devotion to her true calling is unparalleled.  Her offerings are heartfelt, honourable all encompassing and intensified with an incredibly pure and healing transmission which resonates from every ounce of her being when in her presence. Meena is totally sublime, awe inspiring and a genuinely beautiful soul


“Meena is a kind, generous, and light filled soul. Her authenticity and connection is obvious. She makes you feel comfortable throughout. Her reading came just when I needed it. If you’ve had questions and wanted answers, Meena can help fill in some of the blanks and put you back on track on your journey. She takes the time to answer all your questions and has resources to continue helping you after the reading. Thank you Meena!”


“I scheduled an Akashic reading with Meena as I was curious to learn what my business wanted me to know. The insight that came through was exactly what I needed and I have found greater enjoyment in my business since our time together.


“My reading with Meena was overall a great experience. She was very accurate in her reading and brought so much clarity in my business, purpose, phase of life and health. I got a very high vibrational energy transmission during this reading and I feel it is assisting in me going into an even better phase of my life. Meena is really easy to open up to and very patient and empathetic. Thank you so much Meena!”