Take Your Whole Self With You

Take Your Whole Self With You

What To Do When Personal Growth Feels Difficult | Record Time Ep. 121

This week on Record Time, the Records offer us a multi-faceted invitation. They share:

In difficult moments, take your whole Self with you.

I feel that the energy behind the words of this week’s episode is potent, so I invite you to receive the full Akashic Transmission (energy and all) by watching the video below. 

When things feel challenging within a creative process, there are often many layers of “should” present. When personal growth or an external creative project gets messy or difficult, there are often countless invitations into “This shouldn’t be this way…I shouldn’t have done this…I should be doing better…I should be responding this way…etc”

The potential to make ourselves miserable and constricted with “should” is infinite.

And inside that experience, the Keepers of the Akashic Records offer us spacious permission to take our whole Self with us through the mess of the creative process. 

In this episode they dive into:

  • The inevitable mess of the creative process
  • Two different types of “should” that can come up
  • How to move through the difficulty with more balance and wholeness

I found this transmission to be full of deep permission and a sense of relief. I’m curious to know how you experience it! You can watch the full Akashic transmission on difficulty and wholeness below. 

I invite you to sit with this idea of taking your whole self with you in difficult moments, and see what it evokes for you. And if you feel compelled to share your perspective, I’d love to hear from you! You’re welcome to comment on this post and share your experience with me.

Dive Deeper

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And if you know someone who might appreciate this perspective, or who might be facing some difficulty in their life right now, send this video to them and share the goodness! 

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