Rest & Pleasure as Essentials

Rest & Pleasure as Essentials

Divesting from Pleasure Solely as a Reward | Record Time Ep. 135

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • The necessity of pleasure and rest
  • Letting go of “reward” mentality

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The week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records share:

Rest and Pleasure are not always rewards.

To me, this implied that rest and pleasure are sometimes rewards, but not always rewards. What the Records mean by this, is that it can feel really rewarding or pleasurable to complete a difficult task or to rest after finishing a long day of work. This is totally valid! And, it can also be tempting to use rest as a reward. This could look like: “I will sleep only after I finish this task” or “I’ll take a break only if I get this done in a certain amount of time.” 

Same with pleasure. It’s tempting to want to give ourselves a treat only if we complete a difficult task or do something unpleasant. “I went to the gym today, so I earned a little treat” or “I finished this big project, so I deserve something fun.” 

Again, this is totally valid and understandable. It can be really lovely to give yourself a treat or a reward after doing something hard. And yet, the Records are inviting us to notice the temptation to ONLY engage with pleasure if you feel like you “earned it.”

Rest and Pleasure are not always rewards. They can be valid and beautiful rewards after a difficult task, but they are not to be used exclusively as rewards. We are not supposed to ONLY experience rest and pleasure if we’ve earned it. Rest and Pleasure are an essential part of our well being. And the Records are reminding us, that if we forget that these two things are not exclusively rewards, if we forget that they are essential to our health, we are flirting with a slippery slope. Our mental, physical, and spiritual health are all deeply impacted by our relationship to and regular experience of rest and pleasure.

Yes they can be rewards, but earning rest isn’t the only way you can allow yourself to rest. Earning pleasure isn’t the only way you can allow yourself to experience pleasure. 

You can rest without reason, without working hard for it, without “earning” it – because rest is an essential part of how we stay well. 

You are allowed to experience and engage with pleasure without reason, without working hard for it, without “earning” it – because pleasure is an essential part of how we stay well. 

When we only let ourselves have rest and pleasure if we’ve earned it, it’s no longer a reward that we’re giving ourselves after working hard. Rather, it’s that we are depriving ourselves of our essential needs the entire time we’re working.

Treating rest and pleasure exclusively as rewards, means that you’re depriving yourself of your needs. You are denying and delaying essential care for your self, and calling it a reward system.

This perspective is what the Records are inviting us to consider this week. What would it be like if we didn’t think of rest and pleasure as treats or rewards, but as essential needs in order to stay well?

Not something that we have to earn, but something we are inherently worthy of, whether we work hard or not. 

If you play with that idea, let me know what you think. Does this resonate with you? Do you see opportunities to relax your hold on pleasure and rest as rewards? You can share your thoughts by sending me a message or commenting on the video below.

And if you know anyone that might resonate with this perspective, who might be a little hard on themselves to work hard, please share this with them and spread the goodness. 

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