Meena Ruchi Magic

Offerings v01

1:1 Readings

This is the deepest, most focused akashic experience I offer. The entire session is devoted specifically to you! These sessions can be 30 minutes or 1 hour and are conducted through zoom. During our time together, I will open your akashic records on your behalf and you can ask any questions or explore any topic you wish to. I explain more about how these one on one readings work here.

Moon Circles

Each month on the full moon, I facilitate a Full Moon Circle. These circles are a virtual group offering that anyone can join! They include an Akashic Transmission and guided visualization about the themes the full moon embodies (usually loosely tied to the astrological sign the moon is in at that time). These circles are so fun, and they’re very different each month; they’re also a great way to dip your toes into akashic perspective if you’re curious! The circles are conducted through zoom, and last around 1 hour. I speak for about half the time on whatever topics and lessons the MTLOs decide to share that month, and then I lead the group in a guided visualization that is focused on anchoring in the themes explored in the verbal transmission. (So if we spend time talking about how to bring more joy into your life, the guided visualization will likely be centered on experiencing the feelings of joy!) I think that hearing the knowledge of the verbal transmissions is helpful (and appeases the mind), but to actually feel and experience what the MTLOs are talking about in the guided visualization is the really fun part!

These circles are donation based! So if you’re curious, you’re invited to join me for the next one – it’s always around the full moon!

Note: When you sign up, you’ll receive a zoom link to the next circle. If for any reason you cannot make it to the live event, or would like to watch it again, the replay will be sent to you the day after the live event. You will have access to the replay forever, so you can watch it as many times as you wish to! Although this offering is centered around the full moon, please know that it is just as potent whenever you watch it! Even if it’s long after this full moon has come and gone, the magic and medicine of this offering will still be there for you; it is not contingent on any constraints of time.

Group Readings

This is similar to a 1:1 reading, except I would open the records for the whole group instead of just one person. So if you are part of a group of people that would like to receive a reading, this would be perfect for you! In a group reading, anyone is allowed to ask a question, and usually the answers tend to be a little broader (instead of hyper specific like it is in a 1:1 reading) so that the insights shared pertain to the group instead of just the one person asking the question. This is also a great opportunity to explore karmic bonds, and past life relationships between the people in the group! This is a really fun and special experience for close friends, families, women’s circles, retreats, and workshops!