Need to Know

Need to Know

The Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones shared some insight with me, and I’d love to share that with you too. This message might seem a little redundant, but I found that I actually needed the repetition to get the message to sink in. I think I find these simple messages hard to believe, so they said it again and again for my benefit. Perhaps you don’t need as much repetition as I do; if that’s the case, I ask you to please forgive the redundancy. Here is the message from the Akash:

You’re on a need to know basis with the Universe.

If you need to know something, that information will absolutely be given to you. (If you need to know something, you WILL know it, it will be given to you. There is no other way. You always have what you need. Your needs are always met.) Otherwise, don’t worry about it, because you don’t need to know it. 

If you need to know something, you will. Otherwise, don’t worry. 

Don’t worry, because all that is meant for you will be given to you – we can tell you that with certainty. And if you don’t have something or know something there’s no need to worry about it, because if you don’t have it or know it, then you don’t need it at this time. 

Nothing you can do can get you information that isn’t meant for you. No amount of meditating, or pushing, or pleading, or praying will allow you to know something before you’re meant to. So you might as well just relax.

If you don’t know something it means you don’t need to know it, so don’t worry.

If you know something, great! You’re experiencing the clarity you need to move forward to the next step with ease.

You are fine in this moment. Not knowing something is not a problem. It just means it’s not time to know it yet.

Not knowing something does not equate to confusion. It just means you don’t know.

Not knowing something does not have to lead to suffering.

Confusion is not knowing something and suffering (usually out of choice). If you can just accept that you don’t know something right now, the confusion goes away. Confusion arises when you do not know something, and cannot know it at this time, and you are trying to do one of two things:

  1. You are trying to make the next move without the information you need. This is impossible because there is no clarity on what to do.
  2. You are trying to attain that information which you cannot know at this time. This, too, is impossible.

Hence, in either case, you experience confusion and you suffer of your own accord. Now that you’re aware of this nature of confusion, you can choose differently in the future. 

Essentially, just remember these two things:

  1. The only time when it’s appropriate to worry is when your needs aren’t met. 
  2. Your needs are always met. 

(The second one doesn’t always apply to all people, but if you are receiving this message, then it applies to you).

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