Intentions For My Little World

Intentions For My Little World

Before starting a new endeavor, I like to ask myself what my intentions are. So today I asked myself, Self, what are your intentions for this website and all you share on it? Here is what my self shared.

To share magic! It is such a profound honor to receive the magic, love, and wisdom of the Akashic records, and it feels necessary to share it. Not “necessary” in that I think everyone needs to receive it, but rather like the magic itself wants to be shared, and I want to express it, because it’s often difficult to keep it contained within me. This “magic” as I call it, has continued to change my life for the better in subtle and drastic ways, and if it’s possible that it could help someone else do the same, I would like to entertain that possibility by sharing it.

I also want this to be a space of generosity. I want this entity, the website and all I share on it, to be a place for me to cultivate my own generosity. I want to show up here consistently, and give generously. 

I also intend for this space to be clear. I want this virtual space to be a gateway into my own little world, where others can get a glimpse of what I experience, if they wish to. I don’t want this world to be noisy and loud; I want it to reflect my deep love and reverence for silence and clarity. Therefore, though I do intend to be consistent, I also intend to only share when it is in alignment to do so. I will not share for the sake of brute consistency, at the risk of unnecessary noise. I will share when the information and myself are aligned in our desire and call to share. I don’t want to be spreading noise and polluting this space with anything that’s misaligned. As a service to anyone who comes here, myself and the magic included, I want this world to be clear; I don’t want this world to be polluted. 

I intend to stay open and anchored to humility. This means that I will always allow myself to question everything, and I implore you to do the same (especially with what you find here). I want to stay open to new information and new perspectives, as that is the beauty and essence of the Akashic records anyway. This means that over time, I will likely contradict myself (not maybe, but probably). What I express as my truth today, may contradict my truth of yesterday or tomorrow. I intend to be humble enough to say when I was wrong, or that there’s room for another perspective here. But at the same time, I don’t want my desire to be “right” to prevent me from sharing at all. I want to have the courage to try, even though I risk “failure” (and thus evolution), the humility to admit when there’s an opportunity for upward evolution, and the resilience to try again. I kindly ask that you give yourself, and me, the space to change our perspectives, the permission to change our minds. I will never share something that I think is wrong or false in the moment, but I also know that my perspective is always shifting, growing, and evolving. To me, it’s not only okay to change our minds as we gather new information and perspective, but it is highly encouraged to do so. That is the natural outcome of questioning everything.

I sincerely wish to not cause harm. This intention is of the utmost importance to me, and that is why I so earnestly ask that, above all else, you question everything. This means if something that is shared here does not feel good to you (does not feel aligned to you), QUESTION IT. Do not just take everything (or anything) I share to be “Ultimate Truth” even when I label something as an “akashic transmission.” Please understand that I am a human, and what I call an “Akashic Transmission” is my own limited, human perception of the unknowable akashic records. I don’t believe that there is an Ultimate Truth, and if there was, I certainly would not claim to know it. What I share here is *my truth* which means that it will not exactly align with your thoughts, perspective, or circumstance. You and I have our own rich and unique contexts, so what is true for me, will not necessarily be true for you. Honor yourself and your own knowing. Do not take anything I say to be absolute in any way. You have the power to decide what to take in and what to gently leave behind. Stand in your power and be your own gatekeeper. 

My intentions for this website, my own little world, in a nutshell:

To share generously, that which wants to be shared, both by me and the magic itself. 

To embody and honor clarity

To consistently operate from a place of alignment, and to lovingly bow to silence when necessary.

To be humble and courageous, always open to evolving perspectives.

To not cause harm. 

And above all, question everything.

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