Integration & Receiving

Integration & Receiving

Connecting to Your Deep Intelligence | Record Time Ep. 122

How is Life for you right now? Are you moving through some currents of change? As we begin to move towards fall (slowly but surely), perhaps there is a slow transition of seasons in your Life or your inner world. If that’s the case, perhaps this week’s message from the Records will resonate with you. (You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!)

This week on Record Time, we explore Integration and Receiving.

When I talk about “integration”, I’m referring loosely to the process of receiving and holding a new perspective, Life happening, or intuitive knowing.

How do we receive and hold these gifts within ourselves – how do we gently fold them into our being? 

Many of us have plenty of experience integrating things solely through our mental intelligence. We learn something, a new concept or piece of information, then we somehow let it absorb into our mind to the point where we “know” it, and we can refer back to that information when we need it and even recite it to others if we wish to.

This integration is similar to the integration I’m talking about in this week’s Akashic transmission, but not quite the same. Perhaps this type of mental integration is more familiar to you, but the integration I’m talking about does not rely solely on the mind. In fact, it may not ever fully engage our mental understanding at all. 

This might seem weird. How can we ever really know something, if we aren’t using our mental intelligence? The Records propose that perhaps there is another intelligence that rests deeper within us. Could it be that when we integrate Life, a new perspective, or an intuitive knowing, we are being invited to engage with and trust our deeper, more ancient intelligence? The intelligence that breathes your lungs without you thinking about it with your mental intelligence. The intelligence that encourages and allows your heart to beat without you needing to think about it with your mind. The deeper intelligence that just knows things, in a way that you can’t explain with reason, logic, or even words.

That indescribable, felt sense of knowing. 

That’s what we are exploring in this transmission. That’s what I mean when I talk about integrating something. I mean allowing the experience or perspective to drop down deep within you, below your mental intelligence, and allow it to find its way home to that deeper intelligence. To allow something to rest deeply within you. Where it can be held and received in a way that is much different, and much more embodied than just understanding something with our mind.

There’s a difference between memorizing a piece of information in your mind, and receiving something, knowing something, within the depths of your being.

I think both intelligences are valuable and necessary, and yet one often overshadows the other. So the invitation of today’s message from the Records, is to practice releasing our bias and grip, our tendency to favor the intelligence of the mind, and instead lean into and begin to play with the other intelligence that is awaiting us deep within our center. The one that does not need words in order to know something.

Dive Deeper

If you’d like to practice connecting to this deeper intelligence, I invite you to join the upcoming Akashic Records Workshop, on September 7th. The entire workshop is a beautiful blend of Akashic transmissions, somatics, and a guided akashic journey all focused on gently bringing you into contact with this deeper intelligence, that can sometimes feel hard to connect to.

If this calls to you, you can find more information and register for the workshop here. It will be held online through zoom, so you can join from anywhere. 

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