Impact is an Enigma

Impact is an Enigma

Here’s a little Akashic Transmission that came through today. This is something the MTLOs said to me, and I thought it might be helpful to you too. Here it is:

Whatever you’re endeavoring to do at this point in time, just keep showing up for it and allow yourself to be bad at it. See what unfolds and comes up as you continue your work. See what feels good, see what doesn’t. This work doesn’t have to be 100% anything. Just allow yourself to play with this opportunity; it’s not going to make or break you. Even if they hate it (whoever they may be), you will always have more opportunities. So don’t put pressure on yourself for this work to be a certain way, don’t label it as good or bad. Don’t flatter yourself by thinking you even know whether it’s good or bad. 

You have no idea what kind of impact your actions make. 

So don’t judge them, don’t label your actions and your work as good or bad, as a success or failure. There are hidden layers of impact that you’ll never witness, that you’ll never know. So anytime you label or judge your work as good or bad, success or failure, you are making a surface level judgement. You’re labeling it solely on what you can see, which is not much. You can’t factor all the layers of impact into your judgement, because some of them are hidden. 

What appears to be successful might have hidden layers of failure. 

What appears to be a failure might have deep and potent layers of success (positive impact).

So since you never know how it’s actually impacting, you might as well not worry about it and just show up for the work. Show up for the task at hand. That’s all. Detachment from the outcome is the only way to keep showing up for the work. It’s the way to the highest levels of success. Because if you only show up when you know you’ll succeed, you’ll never show up, because you can never really know when you’ll succeed.

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