How to Tend to Your Inner World

How to Tend to Your Inner World

What To Do When You’re Triggered (Part 2) | Record Time Episode 102

This week, we are continuing our conversation from last time about what to do when we feel triggered. 

When a big problem arises in our life, and we feel triggered by it, the natural temptation is to try to focus on the external problem and solve that. Of course that’s what we would do, that makes perfect sense – if a problem occurs and it bothers us, then try to solve the problem. 

However, in this context, we are talking specifically about external problems that really land deeply, and perhaps painfully, within our inner world. When something happens outside of you, but triggers something deeply inside of you, then what do we do? How do we tend to our inner world when we are triggered? That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s Record Time!

The Keepers of the Records offer us a really fun and clear metaphor, as well as some simple and practical advice on what to do in those tough moments. If this calls to you (or you know someone who might benefit from this message), tune in to the video below!

Dive Deeper

If you resonated with this message, and want to dive deeper into your personal practice, you’re invited to join the next Free Meditation Class! It’s a great place if you’re curious about starting a personal practice, or deepening an existing practice of meditation or self reflection.

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