How to Find Reprieve in Difficult Seasons

How to Find Reprieve in Difficult Seasons

Attuning to the Microcurrent of the Present | Record Time Ep. 146

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • A different way to visualize Life’s seasons
  • Validating your own experience
  • How to sustain yourself through difficult seasons

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records offer us some guidance for navigating challenging seasons of life. I’ve noticed that this week has felt difficult for me and for some of the people around me, so if you’re feeling tender or tired, this is for you! And if you had a great week, this is something you can come back to in moments where you need a little extra support.

The Keepers share:

In difficult seasons, you don’t have to exclusively suffer.

This might seem like it’s easier said than done, so let’s explore what they mean by this. To better understand this perspective, they offer the imagery of a wave (you can think of a sine wave, a line that simply curves up and down repeatedly). We can think of “challenging seasons” as the lower curve of the wave.

When we’re experiencing something difficult, whether it’s over the span of a few minutes, few days, or even a few months, it’s very tempting to just let the lower/challenging tone of the season color every experience you have within that time. In other words, when things aren’t going well, it’s easy to become jaded and just lean into the feeling that “nothing is going to work out, and everything feels bad right now.” What the Records are inviting us to do instead, is nuanced. 

They aren’t telling us to abstain from that invitation entirely, and just “stay positive” when things are difficult. Instead, they are inviting us to recognize and validate ourselves and our reality by acknowledging, “yes I am in a difficult season, or a lower dip in my wave.” From this point of validating our reality of the overall tone of the season we’re in, now we have a little bit more breathing room to tune into our moment-to-moment experience. 

In other words, we can begin to tune into the microcurrent of the present. We can begin to notice and tune into the feeling and flavor of the present moment, instead of only noticing and attuning to the feeling of the overall season. We can return to our imagery to better understand this perspective. 

Previously when we imagined the wave that represents the tone or mood of the season we’re in, we might have pictured it as a smooth line. The peaks of the wave are happy, joyful pleasant seasons, the valleys of the wave are times that feel more challenging. But the Records are inviting us to “zoom in” to the wave – to picture it not as a perfectly smooth line, but rather to see this wave as having “noise” or little waves and bumps inside the larger wave. Think of the wave as a bumpy line, not a smooth line. The invitation with this imagery is to imagine the tone and feeling of your life not as a binary of all good or all bad (the wave is either high or low), but rather as a nuanced experience that fluctuates moment to moment (a bumpy wave, with relative highs and lows within the larger curve). 

With this perspective and imagery, we can be aware of TWO DIFFERENT feelings/flavors/moods of our life that exist simultaneously. We can notice and be aware of the overall tone of the season (the big wave), AND we can notice and be aware of the tone of the moment that’s happening right now (the little wave/bumps, or microcurrent). 

We can validate our own experience, that the season that we’re in is difficult – we’re in a valley of the bigger wave of life right now. And inside this connection to reality, we can also begin to notice the moments inside the difficult season that feel relatively good, or relatively neutral. And use those less difficult moments as places of sanctuary, restoration, and rest inside a season that feels challenging. The little peaks (the less bad, or even pleasant moments of our daily life) of the microcurrent can serve as little rest stops on our journey through the difficult season. These smaller relative peaks are points where we can take a little break, experience a little pleasure or joy, and basically refuel ourselves and our capacity to continue coping with the challenge of the larger season overall. 

Instead of succumbing to the feeling that everything is bad, when we can be present to the tiny moments of neutrality or pleasure, we can resource ourselves to sustain and make it through a challenging season. 

The perspective they offer us is very versatile – so it’s something you can contemplate in different kinds of situations. Whether the challenging season is long or short, or if the challenge is internal or external, this is a strategy you can call in for support. 

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission on finding reprieve in challenging seasons in the video below. And if you know anyone who might enjoy this perspective, please share this with them and spread the goodness.

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  1. katie

    I love the invitation to notice the small waves within the large waves. I heard it as another way of being present to the moment while holding space for the larger season or cycle. It can be so easy to lean into one and forget about the other. So thank you for this beautiful analogy!

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