How Strong Is Your Faith?

How Strong Is Your Faith?

Yesterday I was overwhelmed with a wave of uncertainty. I was feeling a lot of self doubt, and doubt in general. It was a lot of thoughts like: I have no idea what I’m doing. Is this work actually moving forward? Am I sure it’s just the “slow progress” that the MTLOs described just last week? Maybe it’s not working. Maybe I should just stop.

My faith in myself, my work, and the grander plan of the Universe was pretty much nonexistent, and in a last ditch effort to restore my faith I “asked for a sign”. I put that in quotation marks because it was more like an ultimatum to God than a polite request for a sign. I was at my wit’s end. My faith wasn’t really there, and I needed something tangible to bring it back.

Or so I thought.

When our faith is low, we always have a choice: to indulge our weak faith, or to decide to lean into our strong faith.

I elaborate further on what this experience illuminated for me in this video!

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