Meena Ruchi Magic

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Connect to Your Magic & Experience Embodied Safety

The Akashic Records are a magical modality through which we can ask deep, existential questions and receive an elevated, loving perspective in response (kind of like Spiritual Google!). Akash means space, or ethers, in Sanskrit, and we can think of the Akashic Records like an ethereal library that has books on every subject we can imagine, including our soul’s story. They are a powerful tool that can support us in cultivating a deeper connection to our purpose, potential, and deep self (soul), so that we can experience more mental clarity, emotional balance, and inner peace.

This workshop is a lovely complement to yoga, as it can help deepen the connection to spirit, mind, and body that one cultivates in their yoga practice.

In an Akashic workshop your community will experience:

  • An Akashic Records Transmission
    Channeled messages from the Akashic Records about a topic relevant to this unique group of participants
  • Somatic Movement Practice
    To help them deepen their connection to their bodies and experience an embodied sense of safety
  • Guided Akashic Journey
    A meditative visualization in which they’ll be guided to a state where they can receive insights from the Akash that are specifically for them!
  • Journaling
    To capture the insights received through the Akashic journey
  • Reflection and Sharing
    To learn from and witness each other’s magic

This experience can support:

  • Deeper connection to one’s self & inner wisdom
  • A felt sense of safety
  • Mental clarity
  • Trust in oneself and the Universe
  • A feeling of inner peace and relaxation

Praise From a Workshop Host!

It has been a joy collaborating with Meena Ruchi to offer her Akashic Records Workshops.  After my private session with Meena, I knew how wonderful it would be for more people to experience the same sense of inner peace and fulfillment.  The workshops that we started introduce people to the Akashic Records in an accessible way.  Meena has the ability to meet people where they are and connect with them on a soul level. I have seen the participants open up and truly connect to the wisdom and insights available through the Records.  Meena is an amazing facilitator and Akashic Records reader who clearly has a passion for this work and helping others!

Katie Augustyn, Owner of The Transformation Center CT

Praise From a Workshop Participant!

Extraordinary spirit, light and kindness shine through Meena. I had the joy of participating in her Akashic Records Workshop recently and the best way I could describe it is, it felt like a dreamlike vortex. Quiet and powerful at the same time. Peaceful and stirring. I came away energized, inspired and lighter. What more can you ask from a truly gifted lightworker? If you’re thinking about taking any of her classes, don’t hesitate, you’ll take away something special that’s likely to change the way you see and show up in the world.

Terry H.

Let’s Connect!

If you’re interested in hosting an Akashic workshop at your studio or for your community, let’s chat! You can send me a message, or schedule a time to chat over zoom. I’d love to connect with you!

More Praise from Participants

Here’s what participants were saying right after finishing the workshop!

That was pretty magical!

When I encountered them (the Keepers of the Akashic Records) I felt that deep love and acceptance. I really could feel it and I felt like I was there.

The journey was just sublime! It was really a chance to be with myself, and that was really nice.

It was really quite amazing!

“I was really excited that I was able to visualize, because usually I don’t and can’t (visualize)…The somatic practices really helped to open me up! It was like rediscovering myself. It made the visualization possible.”

It was very very pleasant, comforting, and calm.”

That was wonderful…It felt very loving, very peaceful, full of grace and light. The whole thing was very comforting!