“Good Vibes Only” – A Curious & Critical Perspective

“Good Vibes Only” – A Curious & Critical Perspective

What’s the deal with this phrase?

Today on Record Time we take a curious and sort of critical look at this phrase, what it means, and how we can relate to it with more awareness.

If you find yourself surrounded by this phrase, and want to explore it from a different perspective, this is for you! (If you love this phrase and don’t want to receive any criticism around it, skip this episode!)

We also discuss how to use this phrase to go deeper in your meditation practice.

And if you’re looking for more support and guidance in your meditation practice, I’m starting a ✨free✨ monthly meditation circle! This group guided meditation circle is online through zoom, and will be held on the second Thursday of the month! You can register for the next circle here! Feel free to bring a friend and all your vibes.

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