Gliding into Comfort

Gliding into Comfort

A Free Subtle Embodiment Practice | Record Time Ep. 134

This week on Record Time we’re flowing through a subtle embodiment practice instead of a verbal transmission from the Akashic Records. This is a really soft, lovely little practice for gently gliding into deeper comfort right now!

Because this is a guided practice, I invite you to watch the full video when you have time to safely devote your full attention to it. (Please don’t do this one while multitasking!)

It’s a delicious little 15 minute practice that you can do anytime you want to feel a little bit more comfort in your body and being. 

If you enjoy it, you can save this video to come back to again and again – and if you liked it please share it with a friend! I’m sure many of us could use a little more comfort right now (especially after those eclipses😅😰🥵)

You can soak in all the comfy goodness in the video below!

Dive Deeper

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