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If you’re curious about the Akashic Records and want to learn how a reading could support you, book a Free Inquiry Call with me.

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For a little taste of Akashic magic, check out this Free Guided Visualization channeled from the Akashic Records!

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To experience my meditation style and see what it’s like when I share from the Akashic Records, join the next Free Meditation Class!

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Free Guided Meditations

Here are a couple of free guided meditations & affirmations from Record Time.

Record Time

Record Time is my weekly video series where I channel messages from the Akashic Records around different topics related to personal growth, evolution, and connection to our deep selves. There are over 100 episodes, and a new episode comes out every week! If you’d like to get the latest episode of Record Time delivered to your inbox once a week, you can subscribe to my newsletter community here.