Meena Ruchi Magic

Free Monthly Meditation Class

My meditation practice has been the anchor of my personal growth; I think this is such a valuable practice in cultivating deeper clarity and contentment. However, a personal meditation practice can feel lonely at times. In the very early days of my practice, I would often desire to connect with others who are exploring meditation and seeking to deepen their connection with their essence, and I’d love to offer this type of space to you!

On the second Thursday of every month at 7pm CST, I host a free online meditation class! My intention is to create a space for seekers to come together to meditate and connect with each other! My hope is that we will strengthen our personal meditation practices as well as make some friends along the way to help us stay inspired! In each class, I’ll share perspective from the Akashic Records around a specific topic, and then I’ll lead you through a guided meditation. Afterwards, we’ll have time to discuss our experiences and the topic of the month.

This is the perfect place for you, if you:

  • Are interested in meditation but don’t really know where to start (total beginners are welcome!)
  • Meditate sometimes but don’t have a consistent practice
  • Struggle with meditation (maybe you feel like you’re doing it wrong, or that it’s just too hard)
  • Are looking to deepen your personal practice & meet like minded people

If any of those apply to you, I invite you to come check out the next circle! The class is online through Zoom, so you can join from anywhere! If you’re interested in joining this free offering, you can register for it here or below!