Engage Your Creative Power!

Engage Your Creative Power!

Exploring Creative Constraints and Unspoken Rules | Record Time Ep. 133

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • What creative constraints are
  • How to engage your creative power
  • Seeing past unspoken rules!

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records are expanding on the topic of Creative Power. We touched on it a little bit in last week’s episode, and are diving a little deeper today!

The Records share: Your creative power is there for you, if you want it.

To me, this felt like such an open invitation from the Records and from creativity itself. We all have access to creativity (even if you think you’re “not creative”), but it’s something that we have to choose to engage with. For some folks, it might be so natural to engage their creativity that they don’t even realize they’re choosing to play with their creativity again and again. But for others, it might feel like their creativity is a little more distant and hard to access. Both of these ways of relating to creativity are okay.

If you’re wanting to engage your creative power more, then the Records share how we can begin to do that. (If you’re curious about this, I do recommend watching the video, as it goes into more detail than this written piece does).

The Records share about the value of creative constraints, the rules or limitations that actually help give our creativity direction and flow. Having some constraints or rules supports our creativity and makes it more vibrant and strong. 

However, the Records also invite us to consider – where in our lives are we following rules that aren’t really there?

This is such a powerful point of contemplation. I think that this inquiry is valuable not just in engaging our creative power, but even as a gateway into compassionate activism. To look at our lives, our families, our social circles, our workplaces, our societies, and cultures – and see where have we adopted rules that were perhpas never really required and are not helping us currently?

This inquiry is a beautiful gateway into engaging our creative power with more freedom and awareness. It helps us to see where we’ve been holding ourselves back with rules that don’t even exist. And it serves to excite our creativity to help us come up with new ways of being that are more aligned with freedom, inclusivity, compassion, and joy – both for ourselves and for others. 

What are the unspoken or non-existent rules that you’ve been following, that have been constraining your creativity? 

If you spend time contemplating this idea, I would LOVE to hear from you. Please share your insights by leaving a comment, so we can all help each other become aware of more of these unspoken rules holding our creativity back! 

Dive Deeper

If you would like to dive deeper into this topic of creativity, you’re invited to join the Akashic Records Workshop on Creativity on November 15th. 2023. In this workshop we’ll be exploring creativity through the Akashic Records and through somatic practices, so you can activate your creative brilliance! You can find more information and register here. 

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