Don’t Try Too Hard To Feel

Don’t Try Too Hard To Feel

Return to Simplicity | Record Time Ep. 124

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records have a simple, potent reminder for all the seekers and personal growth enthusiasts. They remind us:

Don’t try too hard to feel.

For those of us who are committed to and enamored with personal growth, it can be easy to get caught up in the next new practice, ritual, or process that will help us achieve the transformation we desire. So often, in my own experience, my fascination with personal development can turn into a subtle addiction – it’s a gray area I find myself in sometimes, and I often have to reel myself back in and remind myself to keep it simple. 

While all the different tools, processes, practices, and modalities that are available to us are so fun and intriguing (and of course, often very helpful!), the Keepers of the Records remind us not to get so swept up in finding the “perfect process” and “getting it right” that we forget about what our intention is!

If your intention is to feel your feelings (which is a message that is at the core of so many practices and teachings), notice if you’re trying really hard to feel. Or if you’re exerting a lot of effort to feel or process something the right way. Maybe you’re trying to do the new practice (or the old practice) perfectly or “correctly”. This is such an innocent place to be – we’re just trying our best to experience transformation, but sometimes trying too hard is the thing that’s actually holding us back and keeping us feeling stuck. The Records are reminding us that there is no “correct” or perfect way to feel your feelings or be present with what’s here – and that we are allowed to return to simplicity.

If you feel like there’s a block or an emotion that you just can’t clear, and you’ve been trying hard to be with it, feel it, accept it, not resist it, meditate on it, journal about it, etc. – the Akashic Records are inviting you to let go of all of your wonderful processes and practices, and instead just do nothing. 

This might seem counter intuitive, since there’s a whole industry around personal development and how to do it correctly and efficiently. But when it comes to feeling, you already know how to do this. Your most inherent quality as a human being is to feel. It’s a deep and innate intelligence that you already have. 

If your intention is to feel your feelings or be with what is here – can you play with the possibility that you already, inherently know exactly how to do that? What would it be like to drop your practices and processes for a moment, and just do nothing, even if it feels like you’re doing it wrong?

That’s the invitation in this week’s Akashic Transmissiondon’t try too hard to feel, and return to the simplicity of your innate intelligence, by simply doing nothing. Play with this perspective and see how it feels to you! And if you do try it out, I’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with me!

And if you know someone who might appreciate this perspective, or who might be feeling stuck or vexed by an emotion right now, send this video to them and share the goodness!

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