Meena Ruchi Magic

Donation Based Readings

It has been the privilege of a lifetime to experience the magic of the Akashic Records in my own life, and it’s my intention to share this work with those who seek it. I understand that my full priced readings are not within everyone’s budget, which is why I created a donation based option to keep things accessible for all.

If you’d like to receive a donation based session, here’s how it works:

1. Apply

Take a few minutes to fill out this application, to ensure that you and I are a good fit to work together. This gives me an idea of what you are seeking and allows me to ensure that an Akashic Reading will actually be able to support you! Once you fill out the application, I’ll respond to you within a few days to let you know if it’s a good fit and how to schedule a reading.

If you’d like to skip the application process, you can schedule a regular reading here.

2. Agreements of the Exchange

Although these readings are offered on a “pay what you are able to” basis, I do still ask for a couple of things in exchange for this service. Here’s what you’ll be expected to provide after you receive your donation based reading:

  1. Post about this offering on social media
  2. Write a review
  3. Pay what you are able to

If you feel that you will not be willing or able to fulfill these three conditions, then I will not be able to offer you a donation based reading. Thank you for understanding!

If you’d like to receive a reading without having to fulfill these extra conditions, you can schedule a regular reading here.

Please note that the donation based Akashic Readings do not include the guided meditation audio or follow up call that are included in a regular reading. If you’d like to receive that support, you can schedule a regular reading here.