Does It Need to Be Difficult?

Does It Need to Be Difficult?

Exploring Credibility, Self Worth, and Overcoming Challenges | Record Time Ep. 130

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Where our credibility comes from
  • Subconscious beliefs around self worth
  • The value of experience & overcoming challenges

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records ask us:

Where do you think your credibility comes from?

As always, I love the nuance of their wording. Our credibility in our vocation or how we show up in the world is connected, to some extent, to our experience. People see value in us (even on a resume) and we see value in ourselves, partly from the experiences we’ve had. This certainly includes challenges we’ve overcome. 

I think there is so much value in lived experience! I am definitely touched when I hear someone’s story of overcoming difficulty in their life and how it’s changed how they show up in the world.

And yet, within myself, I know that there is a tendency to create difficulty in my life for the purpose of feeling worthy or credible. And that’s really what this inquiry into credibility is about – where do you think your value comes from? Where do you think your worth as a person comes from?

Do you think your credibility, value, or personal worth comes from everything you’ve overcome? Maybe part of it does – but is that the only place it comes from? 

If your credibility, or how you value yourself (and how you believe others value you), comes only from overcoming challenges, it can be a really easy to slip into subconsciously making things harder than they need to be just to prove that you’re still worthy. If you have a subtle subconscious belief that you are only valuable and people will only listen to you and value you if you overcome things –  then of course your subconscious would gravitate towards difficulty, because it wants you to feel worthy!

There’s so much innocence in this. We aren’t making our lives difficult because we are bad or wrong – we are just acting in accordance with a subtle belief – one that we might not even be aware of. And that’s what today’s episode is about – taking the time to notice if this idea is present somewhere in your subconscious. And if it is, noticing how it might be impacting your experience of life. 

It could be that some of the challenges you face are not actually necessary, but are present solely so you can “build your credibility” or feel valuable. 

This might not resonate with you, it might even sound a little ridiculous, and that’s okay. However, I know what a profound revelation it was for me when I noticed that I have this pattern! It opened up so much more space for ease and enjoyment of life when I realized that I had a habit of making things difficult for no reason other than so I could feel valuable to myself and worthy of other people’s respect. 

You can watch the full Akashic Transmission on difficulty, credibility, and self worth here. And if you do take a moment to sit with this inquiry, I’d love to know how it lands for you! If you feel called to share, you’re welcome to comment on the video or send me a message! I’d love to hear from you.

And if you know someone who might resonate with this perspective (who perhaps has a habit of gravitating towards difficulty), please share this with them and spread the goodness!

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