Create a Container of Comfort

Create a Container of Comfort

A Guided Meditation to Deepen into Comfort Anytime | Record Time Ep. 119

This week on Record Time, we are gifted a beautiful, simple meditation from the Akashic Records. If you’d like to experience this free guided meditation, you can watch the video below!

The episode itself is a meditative experience, but here is a little more context from the Akashic Records around the meditative practice they offer us.

They share:

Your body is an infinite well of potential comfort. The potential for comfort is resting inside you at all times; and you can draw on this potential to create a more comfortable experience for yourself anytime. Your body is a container of comfort. It holds potential comfort, and when activated it becomes a vessel, or a site, of comfort.

You are a container of comfort.

In moments where you just don’t feel good, and you just want to feel a little more comfortable, you can remind yourself that you are a container of comfort. 

And in moments where you feel wonderful, and you want to soak that feeling in even more, you can reminder yourself that you are a container of comfort.

What does this mean?

In nearly any moment, there are ways we can deepen our experience of comfort. Maybe we won’t be able to experience maximum level comfort in every moment, but in every moment you can create a little more comfort for yourself – even if it’s just 1% more comfortable. 

You can do this in many different ways, but one simple way is to shift into an inward orientation (maybe that’s closing your eyes, and just sensing in to your breath) and just offer up the question “what would make me feel more comfortable right now?”

The key to this is the inward orientation. When we ask that question with an inward gaze, oftentimes there is an immediate invitation that is actually actionable right now. If you ask that question with an external orientation (also a worthwhile inquiry) we may or may not be able to adjust our outer circumstances in that very moment. But with an internal orientation, focusing on something as simple as your breath, you can ask that question and immediately sense into whether or not your breath is comfortable right now. If it is comfortable, you can deepen into it. If it’s not comfortable, there is likely something you can do at that exact moment that would feel more comfortable. Whether that’s exhaling, sighing, deepening your breath overall, etc. 

This internal inquiry of comfort isn’t limited to the breath, but that is one simple entry point that is nearly always accessible. 

From this little, quick inventory of the breath, you now have an entry point into deeper comfort. You can adjust your breath to be more comfortable, and then you can bring your awareness to that newfound comfort. From there you can begin to notice what happens, how it feels, inside that experience of comfort. Does it shift, does it expand, does it feel different from inhale to exhale?

Even if this adjustment is only 1% more comfortable than you were before, it is good enough. That tiny little adjustment of making yourself more comfortable is all it takes to go deeper. And once you have an entry point to deeper comfort, there is no limit to your exploration! You can explore diving into more and more comfort however you wish to. 

This is a profoundly simple exercise, and yet it is incredible how rich and satisfying it can be. You can do this anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your breath with you🙂

If you’d like to experience a guided version of this exercise, you can watch the video below. This episode is more like a guided meditation than our usual verbal transmissions, so I invite you to do this exercise when you can focus on it completely. It’s about 13 minutes long. 

If you give this a try, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reply to leave a comment or send me a message if you’d like to share about your experience deepening into comfort!

And if you know anyone who might benefit from this message around comfort, share this post with them and spread the goodness!

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