Connect to Your Playful Inner Rebel

Connect to Your Playful Inner Rebel

Revolutionize Your Inner Authority with Aquarius | Record Time Ep. 144

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Aquarius as the “rebel” of the zodiac
  • External vs. Internal revolution
  • How we can playfully team up with our Inner Rebel to experience more wholeness

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

Hello Magical Friend!

Happy Aquarius season to you! This week on Record Time, we have an Aquarius inspired musing on connecting to our rebel nature. 

The sign of Aquarius is often dubbed the “rebel” of the zodiac. It’s a sign that captures the spirit of all that is eccentric, free-spirited, and revolutionary (just to name a few of it’s qualities). With this in mind, the Keepers of the Records ask us:

What do we want to rebel against?

In today’s world it’s easy to think of many things inspiring the desire for rebellion. And yet, for many of us the idea of “rebellion” and “revolution” at a large scale might seem daunting, exhausting, or not possible. So the Records are inviting us into a different inquiry around rebellion.

What if the external systems and circumstances that are riddled with injustice, weren’t the only thing that we could engage a sense of revolution around? Note that revolution has many meanings, including “a complete change.” External change at scale might not be something we even have the desire or capacity to think about – but what about internal revolution? An inner uprising?

The Records are asking us to contemplate: 

Is there anything within you that could do with a little revolution, or change?

This isn’t about an endless quest to improve, fix, or change your self – but rather an invitation to return to who you are. 

In your inner world, is there an idea, belief, or even a harsh critic that runs the show? Is the way your thoughts talk to you something that could do with a bit of change, or even rebellion?

What would it be like to rebel against the inner critic? The one who tells you you aren’t good enough, or you aren’t doing enough? 

What would it be like to rebel against a limiting belief? The one that says you have to be successful in a very specific way in order to gain love, acceptance, and respect? Or the one that says you have to work hard to deserve pleasure and rest?

What would it be like to rebel against an idea that feels punishing? The one where you have to constantly prove your worthiness to yourself and others?

What are the ideas and beliefs that have become so a part of your inner world, that you forgot that they were never yours to begin with?

Whose ideas and beliefs are ruling your inner world? Where did they come from? Whose voice is it that’s criticizing you? 

If it’s not your ideas, your beliefs, your voice that’s ruling your inner world – then perhaps a little bit of playful rebellion could be helpful. 

Maybe the verbiage of “rebellion” and “revolution” doesn’t resonate with you. But flavorful words aside, this is a simple invitation to get curious around your beliefs and to return to your essential nature. Think of it as an inner up-rising of your true self. If it’s someone else’s ideas that are influencing your experiences and decisions, what would it be like to make more room for your true self as the lead decision maker?

You can watch the full Akashic Transmission of this Aquarian invitation in the video below.

If you know anyone who might enjoy this perspective on playful inner rebellion, share this with them and spread the goodness. 

Dive Deeper

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