Committing to Intuition

Committing to Intuition

Deepening Your Awareness As a Way of Being | Record Time Ep. 107

The Records discuss what it can feel like to commit to your intuition, or your deep self. The part of you that knows, deeper and more powerfully than words or logic can know – that’s what they are talking about in this episode – how to commit to that intuitive, spacious, part of you, that deep awareness.

Our connection to our intuition is a relationship. It is something that deepens and evolves over time. Deepening our intuition isn’t something that we rush, push, or force, it is a natural evolution with an organic pace. 

And yet, over time as you listen to this deep part of your self more and more, the Records share that there will come a moment when you are invited to declare your commitment to your awareness/intuition/self. This is a threshold. Meaning that it’s a natural invitation, but it’s one that requires your consent and willingness in order for you to cross over it. No one will push you over this threshold – crossing it is not inevitable unless you want it to be. Working with intuition is always a choice.

If you have been working with your intuition and are curious about how it can deepen over time, then this episode is definitely for you! If you’re new to this idea of awareness and intuition, this episode could serve as an interesting perspective of what could bloom with your intuition, with time and practice. 

Dive Deeper

If you want to learn how to deepen your intuition and cultivate your awareness, I invite you to attend the next Free Meditation Class. The style of meditation I teach is centered around cultivating awareness, so this is a beautiful place to begin if you’re looking to work with your intuition more. You can find more information and sign up for free here.

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