Build a Reservoir of Calmness

Build a Reservoir of Calmness

What To Do When You Know You’re Going To Be Stressed | Record Time Ep. 109

This week on Record Time, we dive into what to do when you know something stressful is going to happen.

We can’t always anticipate every stressful situation Life has for us, but sometimes the stressful situations are scheduled right into our calendars – like a work deadline, a doctor’s appointment, or visiting family (we love ’em, but sometimes it’s stressful!). In this video, the keepers of the Akashic Records share what we can do to support ourselves when we know a stressful situation is approaching.

Dive Deeper

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If you want to experience a moment of calmness, check out these free resources:

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming Akashic Records Workshop I mention in the video, click here!

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