Are You Comfortable with Being Comfortable?

Are You Comfortable with Being Comfortable?

Practicing Creating Comfort | Record Time Ep. 125

On this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • The spectrum of comfort
  • Where we tend to default within our experience of comfort
  • How to practically create more comfort for ourselves

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Records ask us:

How comfortable are you with being comfortable?

This question amused me, because it’s a cheeky little counter to the popular personal development idea “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” But today the Records offer us a different perspective.

I personally think that many of us are actually already very practiced at being uncomfortable. We work long hours, we tend to our families, we are flooded with negative news, we do our best to eat well, exercise, and do our laundry regularly, all while living in a world where capitalism, racism, and injustice are the norm.

I would say that we have experience being uncomfortable.

And if that’s the context in which we spend our days, I’d venture to say that we’re relatively comfortable living inside that discomfort. We’re used to it, we’re somewhat acclimated to it, at the very least. 

So the invitation and point of inquiry today is, how comfortable are you with being comfortable?

In an uncomfortable world, where we’re dealing with so much unpleasantness on the day to day, what is your relationship to comfort?

Are you good at accepting, creating, and experiencing comfort when it’s available? Or are you not?

My guess is that most of us could use some practice at being comfortable. For me, being comfortable actually is kind of uncomfortable much of the time. It’s not what I’m used to, and it’s something I’m practicing more and more. 

You can receive the full akashic transmission on the spectrum of comfort and discomfort in the video below.

If you watch it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea. Where do you land on this spectrum? Are you pretty experienced at tolerating discomfort? Or are you a master of creating and experiencing comfort? Comment below and let me know; I’d love to hear where you’re at with this! 

And if you know someone who might appreciate this perspective, or who could use a little more comfort in their life right now, send this video to them and share the goodness! 

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  1. I love this reflection on being comfortable with comfort. This can be challenging for me.

    After a 2 hour Thai Yoga Massage a few days ago, I went outside and rested on a recliner in the sun. My nervous system was so settled, I felt at home simply being. My mind didn’t even have ideas of what I could do when I was done resting. What a relief to feel this grounded and able to be. Normally, this would not be easy for me.

    I do take good care of myself, yet sometimes i wonder if I am spoiled because I do. I have been consciously letting go of this judgement and allowing myself to treat myself well. You are helping me to embrace and celebrate times when I experience comfort. Thank you, meena!

    1. Maria💖 Thank you so much for sharing this sweet reflection! I loved hearing about your post-massage peacefulness!

      I can totally relate to that sense of feeling spoiled for having the opportunity to take good care of myself – that’s wonderful that you’re letting go of the judgement around being kind to yourself.

      Cheers to more comfort!

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