Meena Ruchi Magic


Open Your Eyes to Wondrous Possibility

Receiving an Akashic reading is to receive a different perspective, one that is supremely rooted in unconditional, divine love. It is a profound spiritual experience that’s hard to describe.

Many times, I have come to the records when I’ve felt lost and out of options, and each time I have been reminded in a gentle and kind way, of the inherent limitless possibility of the Universe. This infinite possibility is always available to us; it is the nature of life itself. I find that it’s very difficult to feel stuck and weighed down by life after you’ve been reminded, in the depths of your being, that anything is possible.

There are so many ways in which Akashic perspective can serve us. While an Akashic reading is ultimately an energetic transmission, you can also ask questions and receive insight in the form of verbal answers. The Akashic records often offer people clarity and direction when they are at a crossroads in their life, relationships, or career. They can illuminate your gifts and shed light on your purpose (the burning question of “Why am I here?”). Receiving this energetic and verbal transmission also serves to naturally alleviate limiting beliefs and patterns. During readings, people often discover the root cause of these old thought patterns and behaviors and are easily able to shift out of them, replacing them with more supportive, expansive ways of thinking. Ultimately, the Akashic Records offer us a simple way to shift our perspective about ourselves, our purpose, and our life’s potential.