Meena Ruchi Magic


Hi, I’m meena! I never dreamed of becoming an Akashic Record Reader, but I stumbled upon this magical modality by “divine accident”. After seeking my purpose for over a decade (and enduring severe anxiety, burnout, and existential dread along the way) I finally found clarity through the Akashic Records!

After that magical moment of clarity around my purpose and potential, I used the Akashic Records and meditation to recover from my crippling anxiety and burnout. I became a huge fangirl of these two modalities, and have been sharing their magic with those who seek it ever since!

I’d like to mention though – When the anxiety was at it’s worst, and my sense of despair was so heavy, I didn’t believe that these conditions could be overcome. I thought that that was just the way I had to live, if I wanted to carry on and have a “successful” life. I had no idea that a life of clarity, calmness, and contentment was possible for me at that time, but because of this work, I now experience those qualities regularly. And now when I think back to what my life used to be like (not that long ago), it’s almost like I have the memories of a totally different person – the transformation feels that major! So if you’re reading this and feel like clarity and calmness are the farthest thing from you – I’ve been there, and I sincerely think that it’s very possible for them to become part of your reality too! (It just might take a little patience, effort, and magic to get there!)

If you’d like to learn more about how YOU can experience the magic of the Akashic Records, you can check out my offerings or schedule a free chat with me!

If you’d like to hear more about my journey with the Akashic Records, you can check out this interview I did on the Soul Health Mentor Podcast.