When In Doubt, Keep It Simple

When In Doubt, Keep It Simple

Simplicity as a Valid Means of Navigating Complexity | Record Time Ep. 147

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • How our personal practice can be an anchor in difficult seasons
  • Permission to simplify
  • The benefits of a simple personal practice

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records offer us a classic and beautiful reminder for navigating through difficult seasons. 

They share:

When in doubt, keep it simple.

Last week we were contemplating a perspective for moving through challenging seasons (whether that’s related to internal or external challenges), and this week we’re expanding on this topic. (You can watch last week’s episode here.

When things around us get complex, or chaotic, or challenging, it can feel like the only way to approach it is with an equally complex solution. It is tempting to meet complexity with complexity. And in a way it almost seems like common sense – a complex situation requires a complex solution, right? Not necessarily. 

The Records are inviting us to consider a different perspective: When things get challenging and complex, keep it simple. 

This might not feel true to you in your current context, and I encourage you to trust your own discernment. It could be that the complexity you’re facing does indeed require a complex approach. And yet, even if that is true, the Records are inviting us to get curious about our personal practice in difficult times. It might be that the way you are coping with the challenges in your life requires a complex response – but do the practices that keep you connected to yourself in challenging times ALSO need to be complex? 

This is something to get curious about. When things are hard, do you make your personal practices hard too? 

When life gets hectic, do you feel the need to expand your personal practice of self connection (meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, etc) into something that’s very elaborate? 

There’s something lovely about the commitment that’s present in that response – to want to double down on your practices in the face of a difficult time. And if that’s possible and desireable for you, then by all means do it. However, when we make our practices too complicated, they become hard to maintain. And the only way our practice can support us is if we do it. 

This is what the Records are asking us to become aware of. When things get complicated, don’t feel like you have to make your practice just as complicated. In fact, when things are difficult, can you actively make your practice as simple as it can be?

It’s when we are navigating a difficult season, that we need the support of our practice the most. And our practices don’t have to be complicated in order to support us. The benefits of our practice do not necessarily increase with complexity. In my experience, the simpler a practice is, the more profound and beneficial it ends up being for me in the long run. So, especially when we are moving through something difficult, the most important thing about our practice is actually sustainability, not complexity. When things are hectic, can we lovingly adjust our practice so that it can stay sustainable. In other words, when things are hard, can we make our practice easy enough so that we will actually do it? Instead of feeling like it needs to be hard, and then end up not having the time or bandwidth to even do it. 

A simple practice is better than no practice at all. 

So when in doubt, keep it simple.

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission on Keeping It Simple in the video below. And if you know anyone who might enjoy this perspective, please share this with them and spread the goodness.

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  1. Katie

    YESSSS… This is such a vital message right now! Thank you for sharing it with us. It’s serving as an affirmation of my choices this month to slooooow down, let myself take a break, and tap into simple daily habits that nourish me. So good!

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