The Yearning to Serve

The Yearning to Serve

Sometimes I feel a deep and forceful desire to contribute to the world; a yearning to serve another being by creating or doing something valuable. This yearning feeling seems to be similar but not exactly like desperation. I don’t need to make something good so that I myself can feel validated or okay, instead I just really want to make something good so someone else will benefit. But I notice that sometimes that yearning, while it’s a very sweet intention, can be so strong it actually gets in the way of me doing the task at hand. I’m almost distracted by my desire to serve another person (or many people – or the world).

I explored this feeling of deep desire that almost feels like a need in the Akashic Records and the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones gave some helpful insight! They illuminated the subtle energy beneath this yearning: why do we want to serve so badly, and how can we overcome this intense yearning to actually show up for the work with more clarity? Tune in to find out!

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