The Subtle Grace of Intentionality

The Subtle Grace of Intentionality

Making More Space for Ease | Record Time Ep. 152

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • The subtle grace of intentionality
  • Shifting our perspective through our intentions
  • Creating more space for ease in our experiences

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records invite us to explore the subtle grace of intentionality.

“Being intentional” is somewhat of a popular topic these days in the personal development world, and maybe you’ve heard countless people encouraging us to be intentional for so many different reasons. 

Being intentional can offer us a sense of clarity, make us feel more connected to ourselves and our values, and so much more. 

Yet this invitation from the Records isn’t necessarily about those things. They share that being intentional can help us experience more effortlessness in our lives – and there’s nuance (as always) to this perspective!

It’s not that just by being intentional, the task at hand will suddenly get easier and won’t require any effort at all. The Records share that the amount of effort required to complete a task is stable – it’ll take as much effort as it’s going to take. (We might tend to over-effort or under-effort, but that’s a topic for another day). Yet, when we are intentional about how we show up to the task at hand, there is more room for ease in our perception! 

What this means is – the task isn’t going to magically get easier when we are intentional – but we might experience more easefulness by being intentional.

Our intentions can inform how we experience things – and that’s the subtle grace. 

The Records share that one reason that intentionality can support our experience of effortlessness is because when we are intentional, we are connecting to our free will and our desire.

When we are intentional, we are directly connecting to our right to choose for ourselves how we want to show up to life. 

We choose how we want to show up. 

Free will and desire are at the heart of intentionality.

Even when there are obligations or tasks that feel dreadful and unpleasant – taking a moment to be intentional about how you approach the task at hand creates more space for ease and satisfaction. 

When we are intentional about how we show up to things that we have to do, and not just the things we want to do, we are taking time to remind ourselves that we are still free to choose how we want to show up. Through intentionality, we stay connected to our personal freedom. Even the unpleasant task or obligation can’t take that away from us, if we are intentional. We can reclaim our sovereignty and desire by choosing intentionally how we want to be with life. 

In this way, intentionality is a practice of self empowerment. 

The invitation from the Records this week is to experiment with this and see how it feels to you to be intentional. Before you do something (it could be small) take a moment to consider what you want out of your experience, how you want to show up, and engage with your freedom to choose these things for yourself – and then notice, does being intentional have a subtle impact on how you experience things?

Again, the invitation is to explore the subtle grace of intentionality. So it might be that it’s just a really small shift in your experience, but we’re invited to notice, celebrate, and acknowledge even the subtle graces.

If you explore this invitation, I’d love to know what you discover for yourself. Feel free to comment on this post and share what grace intentionality offers you! 

And if you know someone that is desiring more effortlessness and intentionality, please share this video with them and spread the goodness!

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