The Liberation of Desire

The Liberation of Desire

The Revelation of Who You Are through What You Want | Record Time Ep. 150

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Desire as a liberating force
  • Claiming our desires with courage
  • How desire connects us to our True Self

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records offer us a delicious perspective on Desire. They share:

Your Desire is a Liberating Force. 

This sentence feels so mysterious and powerful to me – let’s get into it! 

Have you ever felt afraid to admit what you want? Maybe it felt like it was too big, too much, or unacceptable in some way to even want it. 

Our desires are so precious – they can reveal a lot about ourselves – who we are, what we value, what feels sacred to us. It makes sense that because our desires are so vulnerable, it can feel difficult to admit them, even to just ourselves!

The Records share: Desire illuminates the Shadow and reveals the True Self. 

Meaning, when we are brave enough to actually admit what we want, and claim our desire, we are often able to see parts of our self that were previously unseen. When we first meet our own desires (when we realize what we want for the first time) it’s like a revelation. Maybe what we really want surprises us, and it’s very possible that we didn’t even know that we wanted that thing, whatever it is. In that way, we are seeing a part of our self that we hadn’t seen before – we are meeting our self in a new way. Or in other words, part of our True Self is being revealed, through the claiming of our Desire! 

That’s what the Records mean when they say our desire is a liberating force.

Desire has the power to reveal parts of our self that might have been previously hidden – it sets our true self free! 

With all of this in mind, it’s totally understandable that we sometimes hide from our desires. We might even go to great lengths to deny what we really want. But if we can be brave enough to gaze deeply within ourselves, and admit what we really want, we stand to gain a lot. 

By claiming our desires, we very well might liberate parts of our self that were never allowed to be seen before. Honestly acknowledging our desires can free parts of our self that were previously hidden, denied, or suppressed. Not to mention, that once we claim our desire, we’ll be one BIG step closer to actually getting what we want!

So the invitation from the Akashic Records this week is to contemplate our desires courageously. I invite you to take a few moments to connect with yourself (you could even do this free guided visualization, that’s all about desire, first), and then spend some time writing or thinking about these prompts:

  1. I don’t actually want …
  2. What I really want is…

These are simple and effective prompts, and I encourage you to contemplate them with honesty and courage. You might be surprised by what they reveal!

If you try this practice, I’d love to know how it goes for you! If you feel called to share about your experience with this practice, you’re welcome to reply to this email! And if you know anyone who might enjoy this perspective on desire, please share this post with them and spread the goodness!

Dive Deeper

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    1. oh wow, I felt my breathing relax when I read that this spoke straight to your heart. I’m so glad that this offered you a new way to work with your desires. Thanks for taking the time to receive this and share your beautiful reflection! ❤

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