Meena Ruchi Magic


Zola K.
Both of the readings I have received from her have shifted my life in many amazing ways. I received answers to questions I had always wondered about and it gave me so much peace.
Stefanie S.
She naturally guided me back to trusting myself, my natural abilities, and reassured me how to live from a place of embodiment.
Vienah M.
I cannot express how profound and life changing these readings have been in navigating challenges along my path and in assisting my personal journey and spiritual evolution.
Satya R.
The information she shared with me was extremely validating and I could feel the truth of my purpose and my own personal instructions rooting deeper, stabilizing me.
Kelly B.
I felt like I was a superhero and the powerful lessons from the reading have had a lasting effect… I feel confident and empowered to be who I am and do what I am meant to do.
Nicole E.
My reading with Meena was a deeply healing and validating experience. She held me in a beautiful way, with a kindness and generosity that I’ve rarely experienced.
Alaina F.
Her reading brought so much clarity in my business, purpose, phase of life and health. I got a very high vibrational energy transmission during this reading and I feel it is assisting in me going into an even better phase of my life.
Joan M.
What’s different with an akashic reading is that I actually felt that I was getting the information in my body…Then I noticed I was quite different in my life after the reading, with no effort.
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