Outside the Spectrum of Worthiness

Outside the Spectrum of Worthiness

Drop Into Your Organic Harmony | Record Time Ep. 166

This week on record time, we explore the spectrum of worthiness. This week the video transmission is quite different from the written piece. In the video the Records discuss what the Spectrum of Worthiness is; in the written portion, they offer a deeper essence of this perspective. If you’d like to receive the full transmission, I’d suggest watching the video first to get the context of what we’re talking about, and then reading the written piece, to really allow the essence of the Records’ message to drop in. But of course, please engage with this however you feel called to!

Nothing in nature, except humans, asks the question “Am I worthy?” 

What would it be like to attune to that place in your nature, where the question of worthiness does not even exist?

What if there was no need to wonder, am I worthy? Do I deserve this? Did I earn this? Did I do enough to get this?

What if there was no need to convince or remind yourself that you are intrinsically worthy? What if you didn’t have to do the affirmations of “I am worthy of my desires. I deserve the life that I want. Etc.” What if there was no mindset work to do? No more working on your limiting beliefs or your self-talk in order to feel worthy. 

What would it be like to completely drop outside of that spectrum of worthy and unworthy, and instead drop into your organic reality – the fact that you are here. You exist. You take up space. You drink water. You eat food. You breathe air. – That you can do all of this without ever wondering “do I deserve this?”

This is an invitation to muse upon and attune to the way nature simply is. 

The way a huge sequoia doesn’t wonder if it deserves to take up that much space – it just is the size that it is.

The way a bird doesn’t have to give gratitude for being able to fly, in order to be able to fly. It just flies, because that’s its nature.

The way the ocean doesn’t have to convince itself that it is powerful, in order to be powerful. It just is.

They do all of these things without ever being burdened by the question of worthiness.

Nothing in nature has to convince itself of its own worth in order to be as it is.

Nothing in nature ever doubts its deservingness.

Nothing in nature even asks the question “Am I worthy?” 

Nature doesn’t wonder about its own worth. It just exists. As it is. In its most natural, organic state. Because there is nothing else for it to do. There is no other way for it to be than how it is.

And its most organic way of being is automatically, intrinsically, in harmony with the rest of nature.

Nature simply exists, and by doing so it is in harmony with itself.

When one thing in nature exists in its most organic way, it is automatically in harmony with the rest of nature. 

What would it be like to drop the question of worthiness for a moment, and instead drop into your own organic harmony?

That’s the invitation for this week. If this sparks something in you, I’d love to hear from you, if you feel called to share. Feel free to comment on this post and share what resonated with you! 

And if you know someone that could benefit from this perspective, please share this post with them and spread the goodness!

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