Make Space for Goodness

Make Space for Goodness

This week’s Akashic Transmission is a short and sweet written message. There’s no video this week, as I am under the weather right now. But the Akashic Records still have a simple but potent invitation for us!

The Keepers of the Akashic Records ask us:

Can you make space for Goodness, amidst the difficulties?

Take a moment to consider, how much of your attention goes to the things that challenge you, and how much is left over for the things that please you?

Is there even any attention left for the things that are good in your life?

This isn’t a toxic positivity thing – where we just ignore the reality of what’s here and just think positively no matter what. 

This is about intentionally sparing some of your attention for the good that is also already part of your reality, instead of giving all of the attention only to life’s challenges. 

Can you hold both? The beauty and the chaos?

Can you make a little more space for the Goodness?

Can you spare just 30 extra seconds of your attention for the Goodness?

Right now, perhaps? 

Take a moment to notice something that feels pleasant right now. Maybe it’s a sip of cool water on your tongue, or the view out your window, or the sound of your pet breathing next to you. 

That’s all that the goodness is asking of you – just a moment of your attention here and there, amidst everything else that your attention is called to. 

You’re not being asked to drop what you’re doing, or ignore what needs your attention, in order to give all of your focus to the good. Instead, you’re being invited to create 30 second sanctuaries of goodness throughout your day. Where you just notice one nice thing that is already present, that you might have otherwise missed if you hadn’t paused to take it in. 

Take the Temple of Goodness with you, as you move through your day. And over time, the more you make space for it, the more Goodness will shower its blessings upon you.

If you give this 30 seconds practice a try, I’d love to hear how it goes for you! Please feel free to send me a message or comment on this post and share your experience with me.

And if you know anyone who might enjoy this Akashic Transmission, share this post with them and spread the Goodness!

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