Intuition, Trust, & Magic!

Intuition, Trust, & Magic!

Trusting Our Developing Intuition! | Record Time Ep. 27

What do we do when our intuition tells us “yes” but nothing else does?! Maybe we can’t find a logical reason to back up our intuitive knowing. Maybe we aren’t feeling support from our friends or family. Maybe nothing outside of us is saying yes, but we still feel that small inner voice nudging us forward, it can feel hard to trust our intuition. This is especially true when our intuition isn’t exactly explaining *why* it’s a yes. It just *feels* like a yes.

How do we deal with our intuition not giving us all the information or logical explanations we want? How do we lean into trust when we’re working with our intuition?

The Akashic Records offer a gentle perspective on this in the video below!

Dive Deeper

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your journey, and get even more connected to your intuition, check out this Free Akashic Guided Visualization!

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