How to Stop Hating Waiting!

How to Stop Hating Waiting!

Intentionally Enjoying Life’s Natural Pauses | Record Time Ep. 116

How do you feel about waiting? Is it the worst? Or is it not that bad? Perhaps it depends on what it is you’re waiting for, and how long the wait is!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records ask us: If you’re in a season or moment of waiting – can you enjoy the wait?

This question might almost seem like a challenge, especially if you’re in the middle of an annoying waiting period. But I love that the Records are using Life’s inevitable moments of waiting as an invitation into deeper pleasure. Their take is, if you know you’re going to have to wait for something, then you might as well try to enjoy it. 

How do you experience waiting for something? What does it feel like to have to wait for something? Think about the last time you ordered a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, what did you do while you were waiting for your drink? Were you trying to fill up the time with something productive? Were you anxiously checking the time? Were you scrolling on your phone?

What would it be like, the next time you know you have to wait for a moment, to intentionally try to enjoy the natural pause in your day? What would it be like to sit down and let yourself be very comfortable? Or stretch and look around? If you want to read or watch something, could you take a moment to actually think about what you’d most enjoy reading or watching, instead of just mindlessly scrolling through whatever’s on your feed out of habit? Would that make a difference in how you feel, as opposed to just standing and not accepting the invitation of pausing?

If you find that waiting is always difficult for you, and you tend to feel rushed or wanting everything done as fast as possible (maybe “enjoying the wait” even sounds like a joke) – the next time you have to wait and you feel impatient and in a hurry, can you take a second to notice if you’re actually in a rush, or if you are just rushing out of habit.

Maybe that inquiry is a little confronting! I think hating waiting is a common experience though. We live in a culture that values quickness and productivity – and waiting for anything for any amount of time is in direct opposition to those values. So enjoying the wait is almost criminal! However, I think it’s worth noticing whether a moment of waiting feels agonizing and annoying because you’re actually in a hurry and need to be moving on quickly, or if you’re just feeling rushed and impatient because you are used to always going as fast as possible.

Could it be that you’re actually not in a rush? 

Could it be that enjoying the wait won’t speed things up OR slow things down? But rather, it may just shift your mood a little bit.

Deciding to enjoy the wait doesn’t mean taking more pauses – it just means that you are willing to try to enjoy the pause that you are already in.

If you’re going to have to wait, you might as well try to enjoy it.

I’d love to know how this landed for you. Do you struggle with waiting? Do you feel that you’re often in situations that actually require you to rush, or do you tend to rush yourself out of habit? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a message!

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  1. MK

    This is such a powerful message – I often ponder on the middle ground between waiting expectantly/Hopefully and waiting impatiently. a coach i work with talks about it like when you order something on Amazon you don’t immediately go sit by the door and wait until it arrives. you trust it is on the way and move on with life for a few days… very difficult when you’re in a season of “waiting” for clarity, insight, answers, next steps, etc…

    1. Oh that’s a great way to explain it! I know what you mean, there’s a space between confident expectation and impatience. I think it’s natural to oscillate between the two, and I loved that the Records invite us into deeper pleasure and comfort while we’re in that liminal space! I think it eases that difficulty you’re speaking to, to approach it almost with acceptance, and with a sense of greeting this moment where we happen to be waiting as a gift and opportunity for pleasure in itself! Thanks for sharing your perspective here!💜

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