How to Self Tend in Busy Seasons

How to Self Tend in Busy Seasons

A New Form of “Self Care” in the Midst of Holiday Stress

If the holidays are a source of stress for you, this episode of Record Time is for you!

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Simple forms of self care (a helpful reminder)
  • A very different approach to “self care” in stressful moments
  • Practicing this unique approach easily and regularly

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

We ask the Keepers of the Akashic Records:
How can we tend to ourselves during a busy holiday season?

The Keepers remind us that, tending to our basic needs are always relevant and a good thing to remember, especially when you know you’re entering a busy season. As you prepare for the holidays (or any busy season), remember the basics! Eat enough, drink water, sleep enough, and breathe deeply. These things are so obvious that they can easily fall to the wayside and be the first things to go when we get busy. Prioritizing our basic needs is a simple thing to look to when we aren’t sure how to incorporate more self care. 

Sometimes though, in the heat of the moment, our basic needs are not always relevant or accessible or appropriate to tend to. With this in mind, the Records offer us: In the midst of a stressful moment – get comfortable!

This might seem like a frivolous or impractical thing to focus on, in a moment when something stressful is present and activated, and sometimes it will be frivolous and impractical. However, the Records are inviting us to play with the potential of this perspective. 

In a moment where stress is present, to take the time to intentionally orient towards comfort is a radical act of self tending. This idea might only seem silly simply because it’s not something we are used to doing. But the Records are inviting us to play here, and imagine what it would be like to witness and be with the stress or discomfort AND take a moment to invite in and create more comfort for ourselves. The simple idea behind this is, if I can’t get rid of the source of stress, then I might as well get comfortable while it’s here.

We also don’t have to wait for things to be difficult in order to look towards comfort. We can be orienting towards comfort in every moment, so that we don’t cross over the edge of feeling out of capacity or unable to handle what’s happening. Inviting in and creating more comfort for yourself is a practice you can do whether stress is present or not. You don’t have to think of comfort or self tending only when things get challenging, you can infuse them into your natural way of approaching life. Ideally, we’ll practice these things so much that we don’t have to think of them as isolated acts of self care in moments of stress, but rather as a consistent, subtle rhythm of how we move through life. Self tending as a way of being, rather than something we only do when we’re stressed.

So the invitation for today is to bring the comfort with you throughout the day in whatever ways are enjoyable and accessible to you at this moment. 

If you try out this practice, I’d love to know how it goes for you! In what ways are you inviting in more comfort in the midst of this busy season? Feel free to reply to send me a message or comment on the post below and share your reflections! I’d love to hear from you!

And if you know someone who might benefit from this message (who perhaps struggles with self care, or gets overwhelmed during the holidays), share this with them and spread the goodness!

We’ll be diving deeper into this concept next week, so stay tuned for part two!

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