Exploring our “Not Enoughness”

Exploring our “Not Enoughness”

Experience Your Self as True | Record Time Ep. 120

Do you ever feel like you’re not enough? Not good enough, or not smart enough, or not talented enough, or not experienced enough? (In other words – are you a human? lol).

This is something that I, of course, experience, and something that I also think is just embedded into our collective experience. This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records bring this extremely prevalent experience to our attention. And they ask us:

Is your experience of not enoughness actually yours?

What they are pointing to, through this question, is how the experience of “not enoughness” is often just the default way of being in the collective. At a large scale, it is common to experience ourselves as “not enough”. To be in denial of our enoughness, and our more than enoughness, is one way to be polite in social contexts. It would be rude and abnormal, in the current collective, to walk around confidently owning how brilliant we are. Because to live inside “not enoughness” is the norm. 

So the Records are inviting us to ask ourselves this question, the next time we notice we’re feeling “not enough” about some part of ourselves or our lives. When you feel like you’re not enough, ask yourself “is this not enoughness really mine?” or is it merely something I’ve been taught to think? Do I actually think I’m not good enough, in the depths of my being, or is that not true?

If that’s not true – what is?

How does it feel to experience your self as true?

How does it feel to experience your brilliance as a neutral fact – as a simple truth – not something to prove or disprove, but something that just is?

This isn’t the same thing as repeating affirmations, which we can often experience as really positive. This is about stepping outside of the negativity of not enoughness, and the positivity of affirmations, and just stepping into a gentle neutrality around who we are. I just am. This just is. I think that this gentle neutrality is a profound gateway into a deeper acceptance and experience of what is real within our experience of ourselves.

I invite you to play with this perspective and this gentle neutrality and see what’s true for you underneath the feeling of not enoughness. And if you feel called to share, I’d love to hear from you! You’re welcome to comment on this post and share your experience with me.

And if you know someone who might appreciate this perspective, or who struggles with feelings of not enoughness, send this video to them and share the goodness! 

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